Animal House Style John Belushi College Sweatshirt and Shirt!

100% Authentically Styled Bluto Sweatshirts! We also now have T-Shirts!

Perfect for Graduation 2015...or the guy who's not graduating...again.

We invite you compare these with the film and then compare our competitors!

We still can't believe we are the only people who bothered to actually measure the size ratio of the

original shirts and make EXACT replicas!....but i guess that's just because we are fans!

NOBODY makes em like we do - compare for yourself!

Here's what some satisfied customers had to say...

"I just wanted to thank you again for getting the College Sweatshirt to me in time for the Halloween Party. I got more compliments than I had expected. It was also cool to meet you. Also forgive me if I was obnoxious at the party, but I was inebriated and I felt I had to hold true to Bluto form."
-Sean Hentz, Birmingham, AL

"Killer shirt man! I love it and I hope to soon have it covered in mustard and beer and chocolate syrup - Bluto is with me!"
-Kevin Dorsey, San Diego, CA

"Thanks for the great shirts! We were the hit of the Toga Party this weekend! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor????!!
- Bill Johnson & Kelly Huntzahs, Charleston, SC

These shirts are made EXACTLY like the original one John Belushi had personally made for the movie "National Lampoon's Animal House". This is the real deal! The sweatshirts are a nice Dark Navy color, like the original, brand name, with the word "COLLEGE" PROFESSIONALLY LETTERED on the front. This is EXACTLY how Belushi had his sweatshirt made! The lettering is professionally done by a company that does the jersey lettering for several college football, basketball, and baseball teams, so you KNOW its PROFESSIONAL!.


Also, because we KNOW you are going to be partying in this's made out of "mid weight" sweatshirt material so it's not too bulky or hot!




Once you buy a will instantly get "the History of the John Belushi College Sweatshirt" absolutely free!


Every time I wear my shirt out, I get AT LEAST 10 compliments or questions like "Where did you get that AWESOME shirt!?" Of course, I dont tell anyone in my hometown, cause I want to be the only guy with one...but somehow they find the site...sneaky like the Germans when they bombed Pearl Harbor!

This is a great gift for a college student or anyone who loves Animal House or John an extra one and give it to your favorite Dean or Professor!... I have these shirts in sizes ranging from S to XXXL (the real big ones are slightly more expensive) I accept Paypal or if you want to wait you can snail-mail me a check!

If you want one, it's $24.95 ($5 more if you are fat like me - sorry the big shirts cost more from Omar the Tentmaker) plus $6.95 shipping/handling (don't bitch about the shipping..cause I send everything US POSTAL PRIORTY MAIL!!!...not shoved in an old MickyD's bag and sent 3rd class like some people that sell stuff on the net! it's well worth it!)  Also, if you pay with PayPal you'll get a delivery confirmation # too! Sweet, right?


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